WCMA Activities

WCMA-Sponsored Activities & Publications

WCMA sponsors a series of activities and publications:
  • A professional development seminar in March focusing on a particular topic
  • An annual conference in June with a program, annual business meeting, and opportunity for informal discussion and networking
  • Regular regional meetings of managers and administrators to discuss mutual management concerns
  • A newsletter published four times a year to keep members abreast of current issues
  • An annual salary and benefits survey of all WCMA members
  • Seminars, lectures, webcasts, and other meetings for professional development
  • A website with current information and other resources for WCMA members

Information Resources

WCMA also is a resource for information of interest to local government in Wisconsin, including:
  • A roster of all managers and administrators in Wisconsin
  • A roster of cooperating members
  • A resource library of professional materials
  • Periodic updates on pressing issues of importance to local governments

Contact Us

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