Joining WCMA

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Joining WCMA

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Benefits of Membership

Adherence to the ICMA Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and Guidelines provides members a framework for professional conduct

Professional Development Seminars/Webinars

Professional development is offered throughout the year and provides in-depth training and educational opportunities.


There are numerous networking opportunities that enables members to speak with other managers and col-leagues who are facing similar issues and challenges.

Professional Conferences

Conferences provide sessions that feature current best practices and innovations in local government management. They serve as training sessions to develop managerial skills. Conferences also offer ICMA Credentialed Manager Credit.

•Winter Conference

•Summer Conference


Member in Career Transition Program

The MIT program provides career assistance and support and is open only to WCMA members.

ICMA Coaching Program

This program provides WCMA members with access to webinars and one-on-one coaching which aims to prepare talented early and mid-career professionals for senior management roles.

Senior Advisor Program

Senior Advisors bring the counsel, experience, and support of respected, retired managers of the profession to individual members.

Scholarship Internship Grant Program

The Scholarship Internship Grant Program provides up to $2,000 in matching funds to assist municipalities in creating a local government administration internship.

Wisconsin/Local Job Postings

Free job postings available to member communities.

Regular Regional Meetings

Regional meetings provide opportunities for managers and administrators to discuss mutual management concerns and provide professional development opportunities.

WCMA Newsletter

A newsletter is published four times a year to keep members abreast of current issues.


Salary Survey

An annual salary and benefits survey of all WCMA members is conducted for member use

WCMA Connected Community

This resource is available to all members of WCMA so that the combined knowledge, talent, and experiences of the entire membership can become a valuable reference tool. If you have a challenge that you are facing, it may already have been encountered by another member. Browse the list of articles to see if anything resembles your situation. If not, you can submit your inquiry for the membership to read and provide their comments.