Professional Municipal Administration

The Need for Professional Municipal Administration

Wisconsin has always enjoyed good honest government at the local level and some people would maintain that if the old procedures worked in the past, why shouldn't they work in the future. The world, however, is changing and what used to work can no longer meet the standards of effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability now being demanded.


First, local governments are complex organizations that require expertise in personnel, planning, finance, and intergovernmental relations and an administrative structure that provides coordination of municipal services.

Second, communities throughout Wisconsin are increasingly facing global economic competition. Their abilities to compete depend not only on private sector initiatives, but on sophisticated and aggressive public efforts as well.

The need for professional municipal administration is not a matter of the failure of local government, but rather of adapting to changing conditions by increasing the capacity of municipalities to provide effective and efficient services.

More Information

The International City Management Association (ICMA) has a number of resources available regarding the Manager/Administrator for of government. These resources are available by clicking here.

For more information, please contact WCMA Executive Director Dawn Peters at: or 815-753-0923.