Wisconsin Associations


  • League of Wisconsin Municipalities - The League of Wisconsin Municipalities is a not-for-profit association of municipalities. First established in 1898, the league acts as an information clearinghouse, lobbying organization and legal resource for Wisconsin municipalities. Its membership consists of 378 villages and all of the 190 cities in the state.
  • Wisconsin Counties Association - View the state website for the Wisconsin Counties Association.
  • Wisconsin Emergency Management Association - The Wisconsin Emergency Management Association (WEMA) is an association of people and businesses that are interested in promoting effective emergency management planning, training, and exercise programs throughout the State of Wisconsin. The purpose of the Wisconsin Emergency Management Association is to advocate, promote, and represent statewide emergency management interests in order to enhance the safety and security of all citizens.
  • Wisconsin Government Finance Officers Association (WGFOA) - The goals of the WGFOA are to:
    • Stimulate the professional development and promote free interchange of information in methods of budget preparation, financial reporting, governmental accounting, financial administration, and general public finance
    • Further the career development goals of public finance professionals and broaden the understanding of our duties and responsibilities
    • Promote interest in and awareness of the public finance profession
    • Promote professional contacts through the meetings of the association
  • Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association (WMCA) - The WMCA exists for the purpose of serving our members and providing the training and education needed to perform the difficult and challenging job of municipal clerk. We have over 1,200 members from towns, villages, and cities. We live by our motto: Growth through caring, knowledge through sharing.
  • Wisconsin Towns Association - Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide organization created under s. 60.23(14) of the Wisconsin Statutes to protect the interests of the state's 1,266 towns and to improve town government. In 1997 WTA celebrated its 50th year of service to town governments and the state's 1.5 million town residents. The association is organized into six districts and is headquartered in Shawano. WTA relies on regular district meetings, an annual statewide convention, publications, participation in cooperative training programs, and other means to support the goal of keeping grassroots government strong and efficient in Wisconsin.