Senior Advisor Program

About the Program

The purpose of the Senior Advisor Program is to make the counsel, experience, and support of respected, retired managers of the profession available to individual members. The program is designed to help with personal and professional issues and not to provide any form of technical assistance nor to solve substantive problems in a local government.

ICMA Senior Advisor Program Video

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Statement of Policy

The qualifications for Senior Advisors, the appointment process, and other details about this valuable position can be found in the Senior Advisor Statement of Policy.

Member in Career Transition brochure

An informational brochure has been developed by our existing Senior Advisors to help you work through steps to take when you find yourself in transition.

Outline of Senior Advisors Activities & Responsibilities

  • Within two weeks of receipt of notice of appointment, make contact with a new manager/administrator or assistant in person or via telephone.
  • Contact voting members who are in career transition within five days of learning of this development and as frequently thereafter as the situation indicates to assure the awareness of continued WCMA support.
  • Provide confidential counseling to voting members on personal and professional issues when requested by the member.
  • Respond to a request for help from a voting member with a phone call or visit, preferably within 48 hours of receiving a request.
  • Offer support in a private manner directly to members who may be experiencing problems with their elected officials, staff, or community groups.
  • Attend meetings of the WCMA Board of Directors, WCMA business meetings, and other WCMA sponsored events as time permits.
  • Refrain from direct or indirect public criticism of any member.
  • Provide quarterly statements of expenses to the WCMA executive director and a chronological report of activities to the WCMA president and Board of Directors. As appropriate or requested, contribute information for use in the WCMA Newsletter.
  • Encourage participation by members in WCMA and ICMA (International City/County Management Association).
  • Provide support for the Council-Manager Plan when requested.
  • Keep informed about current affairs.