2022 WCMA Women's Leadership Seminar

Friday December 9, 2022

Speaker Bios

Participant List

Welcome & Introductions

Opening Session: Interpersonal Communication: Collaborate Better and Resolve Conflict Before It Starts                                                              

   Speaker:  Terra Fletcher, Fletcher Consulting 

Addresses ICMA Practice Areas: 2 – Community Engagement; 6 - Strategic Leadership;   9 – Community and Resident Service; 14 – Communication and Information Sharing

Working with Elected Officials: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 

Panelists will share their insight and answer questions on navigating working relationships with a variety of elected officials

      Moderator:  Nicola Maurer, Administration Director, City of Platteville


  • Tracy Carlson, Village Administrator/Clerk Treasurer, Village of Baldwin
  • Dawn Wagner, Village Administrator, Village of Saukville
  • Gaylene Rhoden, Town Administrator, Town of Rib Mountain
  • Kathy Schlieve, City Administrator, City of Waupun 

Addresses ICMA Practice Areas    2 – Community Engagement; 8 Policy Facilitation and Implementation       


Ready to Lead: What does it take to assume a leadership role in local government?

     Speaker: Elizabeth Yanke, Member Services Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Addresses ICMA Practice Areas: 4 – Staff Effectiveness; 5 – Personal Resiliency and Development; 13 – Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement

Life as an Administrator: Public Servant is Only Part of the Equation, Not the Entire Sum: How to fulfill your obligations as a public servant without losing yourself 

Life as an Administrator Slides

 Moderator: Sharon Eveland, Village Administrator, Village of Shorewood Hills


  • Chris Anderson, Assistant Village Manager, Village of Shorewood
  • Maureen Murphy, Village Administrator, Village of Mount Pleasant 
  • Jennifer Lopez, Village Administrator, Village of Edgar

 Addresses ICMA Practice Areas 4 – Staff Effectiveness; 5 – Personal Resiliency and Development 

Closing Keynote: Resiliency: Roots and Shoots

How to balance our need to slow things down when the world is constantly speeding up

Speaker: Steve Baue, President and CEO of ERC

Addresses ICMA Practice Area 5 – Personal Resiliency and Development