Empowering government to rapidly adapt to evolving regulations and streamline the fulfillment and management of public records.


Ensure Compliance

Gain centralized control of your digital presence in one secure location and easily support any audits, litigation, retention requirements, eDiscovery, FOIA requests, Section 508 / ADA, and more.


Minimize Risk

Always-on monitoring and in-context capture let you replay any record, even if edited, deleted, or hidden, and custom alerts detect emerging risks for you with intuitive social archiving software.


Simplify Records Management

Gain visibility into your workflow while saving time with robust features like request diversion, built-in redaction, AI-enabled sensitive data detection, and due-date tracking with our all-in-one records request platform.


Optimize Workflows

Easily review performance, engagement, and accessibility with tools like PDF remediation, heatmaps, and more.


More than 5,000 public agencies across 14 countries and all 50 states in the U.S., including seven of the largest ten cities, optimize their digital channels with Optimere.

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