Membership Development & Services Committee

Committee Objectives:

  • Work with Senior Advisors to assist Members in Transition (MIT);
  • Assist in recruitment and retention of new and existing members;
  • Monitor web site and make recommendations for changes;
  • Collaborate with Emerging Leader Committee and Women's Leadership Committee to ensure success of coaching program for WCMA;
  • Assist Regional Coordinators with meeting educational needs;
  • Partner with other public sector associations if it is beneficial to both associations;
  • Monitor ICMA programs that would be of assistance to organization;
  • Increase the use of WCMA Connected Community;
  • Make recommendations on who may use the WCMA Connected Community;
  • Conduct member survey on programs and services; and
  • Explore other forms of social media for use by organization

Scott Kluver, Chair


Committee Members:
Brandon Bledsoe, Casey Bradley, Katherine Gehl, Aaron Reeves, Matt Schuenke, Diane Wessel, Matt Giese, Adam Sonntag, Nathan Thiel, and Tim Schuenke