Emerging Leader

  • Collaborate with Membership Services Committee to establish coaching program for WCMA;
  • Assist with the development of educational programs and conference sessions at both conferences;
  • Assist Regional Coordinators with meeting educational needs of Emerging Leaders;
  • Plan opportunities for Emerging Leaders to build relationships;
  • Assist in recruitment and retention of new and existing Emerging Leaders; and
  • Provide education, resources and/or volunteers to local schools and colleges & universities to promote professional local government management as a career option
Casey Griffiths, Chair- Tyler Burkart, Melissa Weiss, Kayla Chadwick, Maxwell Gagin, Jim Healy, Martin Shanks, Rebecca VanRegenmorter, Ian E. Haas, Tony Brown, Brandon Bledsoe, Kevin Ausman, Erin Hirn, Justin Schoenemann, KateLynn Schmitt, Mike Pederson, Paul Boening, Todd Willis, Mitch Foster, and Keri Schreiner