Program Timeline

Internship City, Village, Town, or County Selection

  • Eligible communities are asked to submit an internship proposal to the WCMA Scholarship Committee.
  • The Scholarship Committee will review the proposals based on the criteria set forth and select up to six finalist communities based upon completeness and competitiveness of proposals.
  • WCMA staff will inform the communities of their selection and ranking. In the event the highest ranked municipality is not able to fulfill the financial commitment to match the WCMA amount, the next highest ranked agency will be contacted. In the event multiple scholarships are available, WCMA staff will contact the top ranking communities equal to the number of scholarships available.
  • WCMA will provide the host agency with a check in the amount of the grant award, not to exceed $2,000, to be matched by the host community. The host agency and the intern will determine the appropriate start and end dates for the internship, work schedule, and pay rate, based on the total internship budget. The total budget may be greater than $4,000, based on the duration and budget of the host community. However, the WCMA-funded portion of the sponsorship shall not exceed $2,000 regardless of the overall host community budget. WCMA funds are to be used solely for this program. Payment to the community by WCMA will be made upon verification to WCMA that the selected municipality has successfully hired an intern. This program cannot subsidize or replace an existing internship program; however, it may be used to add additional internship opportunities in communities in which interns are already utilized. Internships shall take place during the calendar year in which the scholarship grant has been provided.

WCMA Scholar Internship Program Timeline

Please note that the following dates are subject to change:
  • June 15 - Internship Grant proposals due from cities, villages, towns, and counties interested in hosting the WCMA Scholar Internship
  • July 15 - Scholarship Committee selects and ranks up to six finalist cities, villages, towns, and counties
    • Based on the quality or number of applicants, it is possible in any given year that no intern scholarship be awarded
  • August 1 - Finalist municipalities / counties are contacted in the order of ranking to determine funding availability
    • Communities will be contacted until all grant funds are awarded
  • August 15 - Finalist cities, villages, towns, or counties notify WCMA of funding availability for their matching share and the time period for the grant internship